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Workshop on the Art of Self-learning, Higher Education and Career Guidance

Workshop Objective

To train the current learners (of 9th to 12th standards, diploma, degree in arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, and management disciplines) on the Art of Self-learning, Higher education, and Career guidance
Workshop Content and Delivery: 
The workshop shall have live sessions on Self-learning skills, Higher education scope and availability, Career opportunities, path, and growth prospects. Each session is followed by activities and assignments. Self–explanatory notes & Takeaways will be given to participants.

Workshop Outcome: 
All learners shall learn the art of self-learning and they will use the skill to improve their grades. Learners shall identify their own aptitude or branch of learning. They shall find the higher education scope and career opportunities in their chosen branch of learning. At the end of the workshop, each participant will be given membership in the METREEC Online Study Centre for the duration of their choice.
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