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Marathe's Education, Training & Employability Enhancement Center


Ours is a unique educational and employability enhancement consultancy centre.

We provide Educational & Career Guidance to aspiring higher education learners. Many learners are confused, lack information, and often land in the wrong or unsuitable educational programme without knowing their inclination or aptitude. The learners from high school or secondary school (between standard 9th to 12th) can contact us online or by walking into the office to seek guidance for higher education such as a degree or diploma in Science, Engineering, and management discipline. In some cases, other skill-based alternatives will be suggested. The value addition career guidance will also be provided to learners which can enhance their employability in the corporate world. For more details, see our ' Activities & Services ' section.

We provide Specialized Training for Engineering & Management degree & diploma holders as part of the 'Pre Placement Preparation Programme' to enhance their employability. On successful completion of the specialized training program, employment opportunities will be explored in the case of some deserving individuals. Deserving individuals shall be recommended for suitable placement opportunities. For more details, see our ' Services ' section.

We provide Online Certificate Course in Engineering Profession (OCCEP) for Engineering degree & diploma program learners. We also provide Online Certificate Course in Management Profession (OCCMP) for Management degree & diploma program learners. Both these courses are of three months (12 weeks; 5 hrs per week or 60 hours of learners engagement) duration. Both these courses are imparted right from registration to certification by online mode. For more details about the courses, see the 'Online Courses' section.

We provide an Online study Centre with a digital library, web resources, and e-content for HEI learners. We provide appropriate reference material to help learners improve their performance in degree or diploma in engineering & management discipline. For more details, see our ' Services ' section.

We establish a healthy Centre to Corporate relationship to provide competent Human resources to the corporate world. This activity is centered around the fact that there is a serious gap between the raw graduates, degree or diploma holders' competency, and the competency expectation of the corporate world. The role of the centre is to bridge that gap. The Pre Placement Preparation Programme of the centre shall have corporate collaboration to make it effective and help bridge the gap mentioned above. For more details about our ' Corporate Collaboration' see our 'Services' section.

The whole idea of this centre has emanated from the mind of the CEO (Chief Education Officer). He is an educationist at the heart and has 43 yrs of varied experience in academics and nonacademics organization. The vast knowledge acquired by virtue of this varied experience working in different fields of professional activities enabled the centre to offer unique solutions to the vexed issues of education and employability.

Come, walk-in inperson, or call us to know more about us, see our 'Contact us' section.

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