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Business Management Workshops for MSMEs

Workshop Objective

Workshop Objective: To train or impart Business Management knowledge to Business
owners or employees of Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and
 Micro, Small andMedium
Enterprises (MSMEs) particularly those who are not having formal education such as
Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Business Management.

Workshop Content and Delivery:
The workshop shall have four Live sessions of one and a half hours each. Session Notes and  Takeaways will be given to workshop participants.

Session 1: Management Thinking Business Organization.
Session 2: Assignment Submission Presentation by Participants.
Session 3: Business Ideas, Planning Modelling.
Session 4: Assignment Submission Presentation by Participants.

Workshop Outcome:
Workshop participants shall have considerable knowledge about
Business Management and Administration which they can apply effectively in their day-to-day business operations. A Workshop Participation Certificate shall be issued at the end of workshop.
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