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Employability Enhancement Workshop for graduates and Post-graduates

Workshop Objective
To train any graduates and post-graduates on employability skills to enhance employability in the corporate world.

Workshop Content
Delivery: The workshop shall have eight Live sessions on each of the following employability skills:


  1. Self-learning, Self-awareness, and Self-management.

  2. Effective Communication and Emotional Intelligence.

  3. Teamwork, Interpersonal, and Conflict Resolution.

  4. Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Creativity.

  5.  Administration, Management, and Leadership.

  6. Using Science, Mathematical, and Technology Competencies.

  7. How to search and apply for Jobs.

  8. How to prepare for Aptitude Test, Group Discussion & Interviews.


Session Notes and takeaways will be given to workshop participants.


​Workshop Outcome:  Workshop participants shall have considerable knowledge about employability skills that can help them prepare for placements in the corporate world.
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